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Childrens Art & Craft

These materials have mainly been designed with children in mind, but are suitable for artists of all ages.
We also have a lot of products in other areas of our website which children will enjoy.
All products are for children of three years and above.



Finger Paints


Giotto Be-be Super Finger Colours

Super finger-paint suitable for very young children.
Bright lively colours which are easy to use. Innocuous and dermatologically tested. Washes off skin with warm water.
Set contains pots of blue, red & yellow paint & 3 x sponges
Set of 3 x 100ml pots14.65

Giotto Finger Paint

Finger paints. Soft, creamy texture. Suitable for finger or brush painting. Washes off hands easily, bright colours & dermatologically tested.Box of 6 x 100ml pots11.50

Pebeo Tactilcolor

Quality finger paint, perfect for the very young. A thick, smooth paste which is attractive to touch and odourless. Ideal for fingers but can also be used with brushes etc. Materials, skin and clothes can be washed with soapy water. 
Tactilcolor Discovery Set | Set of 6 20ml jars. Yellow, red, blue, green, sienna, black4.95

Pebeo Tactilcolor Textile

Tactilcolor Textile Finger Paint can be applied on numerous fabrics. 
Discovery Set | Six 20ml jars. Yellow, white, red, blck, dark pink, blue6.95

Poster Paints


Ocaldo Ready Mixed Poster Colour

A range of bright, opaque water based paints with a rich flowing consistency suitable for large scale picture making.
Black, brilliant blue, brilliant green, brilliant red, brilliant yellow, burnt sienna, crimson, lemon, orange, sky blue & white.
600ml bottle2.00
Gold, silver, steel, copper
284ml bottle2.50
Fluorescent colours 300ml1.85

Jakar Poster Paint Sets

Ages 3+
Sets of six 22ml pots
Available in four different colour selections
Basic | Dark blue, red, dark green, brown, black & white5.50
Bold | Light green, magenta, orange, turquoise, yellow & purple5.50
Metallic | 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze & 1 copper6.60
Pearlescent | White, yellow, green, blue, purple & red6.60

Pebeo Primacolor Poster Colour

Poster paint (liquid Gouache). Can be used pure or diluted with water. 
Primacolor Discovery Kit | Box of twelve 20 ml pots. White, yellow, magenta, cyan, spring green, black, emerald green, yellow ochre, raw sienna, violet, vermillion, carmine.9.50
Primacolor One Metre Case | Fun metre long box contains 20 pots of 20ml size assorted paints, 3 brushes and 1 palette.15.00

Colour Blocks


Giotto Colour Blocks

Waterbased paints in sets.
Mix with water to get varying shades of colour, from dense, bright, opaque colours to transparent watercolours.
30mm discs 
Box of 122.95
Box of 245.50

Caran D'ache Fancolor Gouache Paints

Dense bright colours, velvety texture that does not crack.
Natural vegetable based binder. Metal tin with lid.
Box of 15 | 14 pans of colour, 1 tube of white paint, 1 brush.35.20

Acrylic Sets


Pebeo Artist Kid Sets

Easel Case | Wooden box easel containing:
12 assorted 12ml tubes
1 flat brush No. 4
1 round brush No.4
1 palette

Pebeo Paint for Children

The Pebeo brand has been associated with childrens creative products for more than fifty years. Produced in collaboration with teachers and artists new innovative paints are now available in sets. 

Pebeo Tactilcolor - 3D Bubble

Tactilcolor - 3D Bubble is mousse-like in consistency. It does not drip and is ideal for creating texture. Children can paint freely with thick and thin layers on all horizontal and vertical surfaces (except fabrics) including recyclable objects (eg. cardboard plates and plastic bottles). It's bright colours remain 3D when dry and are light and airy. Suitable for children 3yrs and up. 
Classic Assortment | 6 x 100ml pot. Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Light Green, White, Black + leaflet20.00
Pearl Assortment | 6 x 100ml pot. Gold, Silver, Pearl Turquiose, Pearl Pink, Pearl Green, Pearl Red + leaflet25.00

Pebeo Prima Magic

Specially formulated to allow the different shades not to diffuse one into the other when mixed, this transparent tempera is also suitable for the folding technique, making attractive prints. Can be applied on paper, card etc. Tools and hands can be washed with soapy water.  
Discovery Kit | Six 20ml jars. Yellow, light red, blue, spring green, white, gold.4.95

Pebeo Sparkling Gel

Coloured transparent gel composed of a large quantity of iridescent glitter. Once dry the colours have a sparkly, bright finish. Waterbased but thinning is not recommended as the addition of water will diminish the sparkly finish. Materials and skin can be washed in soapy water. 
Glitter Discovery Set | 6 x 20ml pots. Yellow, red, blue, green, pink, violet4.95

Pebeo Glitter Paint

Ready to use glitter paint.  
Glitter Paint Discovery | Set of 6 x 20ml pots. Yellow, red pink, violet, turquoise, green.6.95

Face Paint



Vivid colour. Water based. Easy to apply and remove. Approved ingredients. Fully compliant with EU & FDA toy cosmetic regulations. Long lasting.
Rainbow Face Painting Kit | Pack contains 8 colours (2ml per colour), 1 sponge, 1 brush, step-by-step instructions.
Colours can be mixed.
Small Jewellery Face Painting Gift Box | Pwerfect ti finish of a princess part look20.00
Theme Packs | 3 colours (2ml per colour)in each set. Available in different colour selections/themes. Please check for availability. 5.00

Pens, Pencils & Crayons




Giotto Be-be Super Fibre Pens

Jumbo fibre tipped pens suitable for very young children.
Super-washable (both from hands and clothes), dermatologically tested.
Ventilated, choke-proof caps, child-proof stopper and extra-strong, tight-fitting nib (5mm diameter).
Set of 65.75
Set of 1211.50

Caran D'ache Fancolor Maxi Fibre Tipped Pens

Water-soluble, washable ink. Food colouring based colours, will not dry out for one week if the tops are left off.
Pen tip is resistant to pressure, supple and will not fray.
Wallet of 10 15.75
Wallet of 15 23.00

Faber Castell Connector Pens

Suitable for 3+. These lovely bright coloured pens clip together which makes them easy to keep in one place and means they can also be used as a constructive toy. The ink is made from water and food dyes (except fluorescent colours). Can be washed out of most fabrics.
Wallet10 clip pens4.35
Wallet20 clip pens7.40
Tub50 clip pens15.00



Lyra Ferby

Particularly suitable for younger artists and left-handers.
Chunky coloured pencil, lengthy 12cm, 10mm diameter, triangular shape.
Wood-sealed end. Highly pigmented, extra thick, break-resistant lead, diameter 6.25mm.
Not water-soluble.
Single Pencil 0.87
Set of 6 | Unlaquered plain wood casing, in cardboard packaging.5.25
unlacquered, natural casing.Set of 1210.50
Set of 18 | Plasic tube of laquered ferbys, coloured casing.15.75

Giotto Stillnovo Acquarell Pencil Sets

Hexagonal pencil with a 3.3mm size watersoluble coloured lead. Diameter of hexagon casing 6.8mm. Easy to sharpen. Ideal for school with space for child's name. Three sizes of tin.
Tin of 125.20
Tin of 249.40
Tin of 3613.60



Giotto Be-be Unbreakable Supercrayons

Washable, strong and dermatologically tested, these unbreakable jumbo crayons are excellent for young children.
Set of 10 | contains sharpener4.70



Giotto Robercolor Blackboard Chalk

Round, anti-dust, coated chalk made of genuine chalk from the French region of Champagne.
Leaves no traces of dust on hands. Lively colours and good covering power.
Box of 10 | White2.00
Box of 10 | Assorted colours2.65

Chalk Accessories



Natural slate chalk-board set in a wooden frame. Double sided, one side is grdded
Small 18 x 24cm3.95
Large 24 x 34cm9.35

Brushes & Palettes




Da Vinci Primo Brushes

'The brush for learning how to paint'
Extremely resistant to hair loss.
Short handles varnished with water-based lacquer. Handle is flattened for a good grip and to prevent rolling.
With red or blue handles
Series 5335 - Synthetic Round Brush 3.00
Series 5336 - Synthetic Flat Brush 3.30
Series 5337 - Bristle Round Brush 2.00
Series 5335 - Bristle Flat Brush 2.20

Giotto Brushes

Chubby brushes with brightly coloured plastic handles0.95



Plastic Palettes

Plastic Block Palette | 6 wells215 x 145mm x 22mm deep2.45
Non-Spill Paint Pot | Ideal for paint or water, designed not to spill if knocked over.90mm height, 70mm diameter1.00



Coloured Paper


Koloroll Activity Paper

Brightly coloured assorted activity paper packaged in a roll to show all 8 colours. 80 sheets
sheet size 22.8 x 30.5cm 3.60

Tissue Paper


Tissue Assortments

Standard Colours | Pack of 20 sheets of assorted coloured tissue paper2.80
Bright Colours | Pack of 20 sheets, assorted bright colours2.80

Craft Materials

All materials are for children over 3 years of age. 



Washable PVA

Suitable for numerous adhesive and craft applications for bonding paper, card and other absorbent materials. 

Ocavin Medium & Adhesive

PVA general purpose adhesive. Can also be added to Readymixed and other waterbased colours to create a more water-resistant paint. Also an economical varnish. 
170ml 2.20
30 x 40cm4.30


Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Available in packets 

Chenille Stems

Multicultural Pack of 1003.20
Striped | Assorted coloursPack of 1004.25
Multicoloured Pack of 251.30
Glitter | Assorted metallic, coloured.Pack of 251.30

Craft Sticks

Wooden lolly sticks are ideal for construction projects, making 3D models or combining with paper to make hand-held puppets. Alternatively, simply use as stirring sticks or paste spreaders.crafstic.jpg

Plain Sticks

Standard | Pack of 100108 x 10mm2.30
Jumbo | Pack of 100165 x 20mm3.85



White Masks

Made from biodegradable cane fibre. Includes attached head elastics. Decorate with paint, markers, crayons and collage materials 
Half Face Mask 1.10
Full Face Mask 1.35

Teach Me Range

White card cut shapes to give an interesting base for colouring, collage etc.teac.jpg

Dress-Up Glasses

Pack of 16 pieces, 3 assorted designs3.00

Girl Doll Fold-Ups

Pack of 164.00

Boy Doll Fold-Ups

Pack of 164.00

Assorted Animal Masks

Pack of 16, 5 different designs, rabbit, butterfly, elephant, monkey, cow5.00


Pack of 16, 5 different designs5.00

Fairy Tale

Pack of 16. 5 different designs; Unicorn, castle, fairy, magic wand, crown5.00


Pack of 16 different designs5.00


16 pieces. 5 different designs. Fishes, whale, seahorse, crab.5.00


16 white card pieces. 5 different designs; spaceships, rocket, moon, star.4.00


Pack of 16 white card butterfly shape pieces for decorating (All the same shape)5.00

Wraparound Angel

Pack of 25 cut white card pieces - Available Autumn/Christmas only.3.65



Creativity Plastic Jewels

Pack of plastic imitation jewels with foil backs. Each packet has a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.approx 70g3.60

Wiggly Eyes

Packets of plastic cartoon eyes for doll making, card making etc.eyes.jpg


10mm Wiggly Eyes | Black and white5gm pack1.30
7mm Wiggly Eyes | Black and White5gm pack1.30

Wiggly Eyes Stack

Made up of 5 transparent, stacked pots with assorted size wiggly eyes. Contains: round 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 15mm diameter and Oval 20mm eyes. All black and white.560 eyes7.65



Assorted Packets

Available in four different selections. 
Assorted Pom-poms | Brightly coloured, assorted colours and sizes25 pieces1.30
Mini Pom-poms | Brightly coloured assorted small pom-poms. Approx. 1cm diameter.25 pieces1.30
Animal Pom-poms | Assorted size, mixture of white, beige, brown and black15 pieces1.30
Pastel Pom-poms | Assorted pastel shades in a variety of sizes.35 pieces1.30

Stars and Sequins



Gold and silver stars | Approx 1cm. 12gm pack1.30

Creative Essentials

Various packs of decorative craft items  



Smocks and Aprons


Natural Cotton Smocks

100% cotton with elasticated wrists and high collar. Available in two sizes. 
Small length 54cm15.50
Large length 69cm17.25

Handmade Linen Smocks

Bespoke linen smocks available in a selection of colours. We have some sizes in store (please check for availability) but can be made any size/age to order. Prices start at  

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