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Handmade & Decorative Paper


Other Handmade Paper


Egyptian Papyrus

Handmade in the traditional manner using papyrus reeds
30 x 40cm4.80

Japanese Paper



Machine-made, part Kozu, long soft fibres, slightly smooth on one side, light tan. 57gsm 25 x 38cm3.95

Lens Tissue

Machine-made, 100% Manila Hemp, pH8, Long soft fibres, white9gsm 49 x 76cm0.90

Tosa Washi

Machine-made, neutral pH, slightly one-sided, natural white, crisp, strong28gsm 63 x 94cm3.50

Decorative paper

Green & Stone stocks a variety of decorative papers. 

English Hand Marbled papers

Variety of ever changing designs in beautiful colours and patterns
Prices range from

Tissue - Acid Free

White only. 75 x 100cm, 17gsm 
(special order)Pack of 480 sheets43.20

Printing Paper


Printmaking papers


Velin Arches

Acid free, mould made, 100% rag cotton & 4 deckle edges. Soft textured surface designed for etching, silk-screen & letterpress printing. Available in cream & white. 
56 x 76cm 250gsm4.75
75 x 105cm 270gsm9.35

Somerset Printmaking Paper

Acid free, mould made, 100% rag cotton & deckle edges. Designed for etching, silk-screen, letterpress & other relief printing. Available in cream & white. 
White | White has satin surface, 4 deckle edges, 250gsm56 x 76cm.3.40
Cream | Cream has textured surface, 3 deckle edges & 1 trimmed edge, 300gsm56 x 76cm.4.05

Khadi Paper


Khadi papers

We stock a selection of papers made by Khadi. Listed below are some examples. Please contact us for availability. 

Sunn Hemp

From North India, this is an Islamic paper made from hemp fibre sized with wheat starch. The sheet is forced on a chapri laid mould which gives the paper its fine laid pattern. 56 x 76cm , 90gsm3.00

Thai Mulberry

Lightweight, translucent handmade papers from Northern Thailand, made from ton saa, paper mulberry.48 x 58cm , 10gsm0.60

Nepalese Mountain Papers

These are traditional Nepalese papers made from natural lokta fibre, woven papers made by floating mould method. Very lightweight paper with an almost translucent quality.
Available in natural & 6 colours: Ni natural, Ni saffron, Ni rust, Ni blue, Ni green, Ni rose, Ni plum.
50 x 75cm, 30gsm1.10

Khadi White Rag Papers

These are tough and rugged handmade papers with a strong individual character. The raw material is recycled T-shirt cuttings. All sheets are deckle edged and acid free. Made from 100% long fibred cotton rag, sheets are internally sized and surface sized with gelatine. For watercolor, drawing in pastels and ink, and printmaking.
Surfaces are smooth/not (cold pressed) or rough in different weights and sizes.
56 x 76cm, smooth/not, 320gsm3.15
56 x 76cm, rough, 320gsm3.15
70 x 100cm, rough, 320gsm5.40
70 x 100cm, rough, 640gsm8.40
70 x 100cm, smooth/not, 320gsm5.40
Available soon 70 x 100cm, smooth/not, 640gsm8.40

Khadi Paper Packs & Envelopes

Pack of 20 sheets deckle edged available in white or stone colour
A6, 10 x 15cm, 150gsm3.15
A5, 15 x 21cm, 150gsm4.80
A4, 21 x 30cm, 150gsm7.40
A3, 30 x 40cm, 210gsm14.40
Pack of 20 envelopes deckle edged available in white or stone colour. DISCONTINUED - available while stocks lastC6, 11.5 x 16.5cm 100gsm5.50

Khadi Sketchbooks


Hard Back Books

Hardback books with section stitched binding, Bhutanese paper on covers. 32 pages of white rag paper with deckle edge. 210gsm in rough or smooth. Rough paper books have a light brown Bhutanese cover. Smooth paper books have a grey Bhutanese cover.
13 x 16cm10.20
21 x 25cm18.00
28 x 35cm27.60

Painting Paper


Oil/Acrylic paper & pads


Canson Oil Painting Paper

240gsm. Acid free with canvas texture, primed for oil or acrylic 
50 x 65cm2.60
65 x 100cm6.55

Canson Figueras Block

135lb , 10 sheets. Gummed on 4 sides
19 x 25cm5.30
24 x 33cm7.50
33 x 41cm12.40
38 x 46cm16.10

Daler Georgian Oil Sketching Pads

250 gsm, 12 Sheets. Acid Free
10" x 7"8.05
12" x 10"11.50
14" x 10"13.25
16" x 12"17.95
20" x 16"23.75

Fredrix Canvas Pad

10 Sheets. Acid free acrylic primed cotton duck for oil & acrylic painting

Daler System 3 Acrylic Pad

20 sheets, 230gsm, linen canvas texture suitable for Acrylic painting

Sennelier Painting Paper Block

A prepared linen textured paper for oil, acrylic and oil pastel. 230gsm (100lb), 10 sheets 
24 x 16cm9.95
32 x 24cm13.95
46 x 38cm26.95
55 x 46cm39.95

Arches Oil Painting Pad

300gm/140lb Cold Pressed - 12 sheets
23 x 31cm14.65

Arches for Oil Painting Paper

Mould made 100% cotton, gelatine tub sized, neutral pH, watermarked 4 Deckle edges. Fine grain surface. 
300gsm56 x 76cm7.95

Clairefontaine Paint ON Pad

Available in white or natural sand colour
40 pages, 250gm
Multi-tecniques pad suitable for acrylic, gouache, ink, pencil, charcoal, felt-tip, gluing, oil pastel....
A5 - 21 x 14.8cm4.05
A4 - 21 x 29.7cm7.40
A3 -42 x 29.7cm12.60
A2 - 59 x 42cm26.20

Inkjet Paper


Packs of Inkjet Paper


Bockingford Inkjet

190gsm, 20 sheets. Not surface.
The most popular watercolour paper modified for inkjet reproduction of original watercolour paintings. A coating on both sides make it particularly suitable for inkjet production of books.
A4 29.7 x 21cm14.30
A3+ 33 x 48.3cm31.75

Somerset Enhanced

225gsm, 25 sheets. 100% cotton, velvet surface, the authentic art paper for inkjet reproductions. pH neutral, coated one side. Radiant White shade.

Also available in Satin and Textured surfaces, special order only.
A4 21 x 29.7cm29.30
A3+ 33 x 48.3cm72.45

Inkjet Paper


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