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Charcoal & Chalk




Willow Charcoal Holder


Bruno Chavin Charcoal


Bruno Charvin Willow Charcoal

Currently Unavailable. Soft Charcoal

Coates Charcoal

A consistently high quality charcoal made from willow, which produces a soft, deep black colour.coal.jpg

Thin sticks

Box of 252-3mm2.80

Medium sticks

Box of 25 sticks5-6mm3.40

Thick sticks

Box of 12 sticks7-9mm3.20

Scene Painters

Box of 12 Assorted size larger charcoal sticks. ranging from 7 - 12mm diameter7 - 12mm diameter5.60

Extra Thick

Box of 4 sticks10-15mm3.50

Assorted Half Lengths

Short stocks of various thicknesses3.20

Coates Tree Stick Charcoal

Large willow charcoal. Approximate size: 14cm, diameter 2cm1.80

Vine Charcoal


Natural Vine Charcoal

Made from vine. 12 sticks, diameter 5-6mm, length 13.5cm. Each stick is wrapped in aluminium foil. Packaged in a metal tin.12 sticks7.15

Nitram Charcoal


Nitram Academie Fusains B (soft)

For the discerning artist that requires a rich black for drawing, then Nitram B is the answer. It is very soft, yet is still able to carry a point for working rich blacks into the paper or canvas.
Pack of 5
5mm diameter 7.95

Nitram Acad

This medium soft charcoal is the one most preferred for drawing and sketching. Nitram HB5mm diameter 7.95

Nitram Acad

Nitram H can be sharpened to an extra fine point for creating fine detail in your drawing. Also, the unique hardness of Nitram H makes lighter and mid tones easier to attain.
Pack of 5
5mm diameter 7.95

Petits B

Designed for use in figure drawing at the studio
The advantage of Nitram is its ability to not crumble or skip when used expressively.
Pack of 5
6mm diameter8.95


Ideal for the visual artist
Nitram Charcoal has the advantage of rich blacks and a wider range of shades.
Pack of 5
8mm diameter9.95


For the artist who works in the large
Nitram's superb quality ensures that it does not crumble under pressure so you can express yourself with confidence.
Pack of 5
12mm diameter10.95

Demi b

For the artist who works in the large
Sold individually
Diameter: 25 mm (0.9810.00

Maxi b

For the artist who works in the large
Sold individually
Diameter: 40 mm (1.5814.95

Bloc de saule

For the artist who works in the large
Sold individually
Length: 15 mm (0.5913.95

Faber Castell Pitt Compressed Charcoal

8mm diameter sticks. Ideal for stump drawings, shading & outlines..Available in 5 grades: HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B1.85

Charcoal Pencils

We have a selection of charcoal pencils from; Lyra, Conte and Prang. Please see 'Drawing Pencil' section of website for more details. 



Cretacolor Jars of Powder


Graphite Powder


Charcoal Powder


Sanguine Powder


Sepia Powder


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