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Craft-Paints & Glitter


Paint for China and Glass


Pebeo Porcelaine 150

A unique range of thermohardening colours for use on all thermostable surfaces such as china, crockery, ceramic, baked clay, glass, metal and copper. The paints can be hardened in a domestic oven and are durable when dry. They are waterbased and have a gloss finish. 

Porcelaine 150 Paint - bottle

citrine, Marseille yellow, saffron, agate, coral, scarlet, ruby, opaline pink, fuchia, tourmaline, garnet, etruscan red, amethyst parma, azurite, lapis, ming blue, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, peacock blue, petroleum blue, opaline blue, opaline green, clay green, malchite, olivine, bronze, amazonite, ivory, gold, vermeil, copper, pewter.

Porcelaine 150 Outliners - tube

Tubes with a nozzle - use to create raised lines. Can be used in conjunction with 150 Porcelaine paint. colours: Marseille yellow, coral, tourmaline, ming blue, bronze, anthracite, gold, vermeil, copper, pewter20ml4.15

Porcelaine 150 Mediums

Matt Medium | Mix with Porcelaine 150 to obtain matt effects.45ml bottle4.65
Gloss Medium | Mix with Porcelaine 150 to obtain pastel colours.45ml bottle4.65
Filler Undercoat | To prepare porous surfaces before applying Porcelaine 15045ml bottle4.65

Porcelaine 150 - Discovery Kit

Small set, Contains: 4 x 20ml assorted bottles of colour, 1 x 20ml tube gold outliner, 1 x brush & instructional guide.9.95

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Markers

Variety of colours
Single pen4.15

Pebeo Vitrail

Solvent based colour for use on glass, plastic and metal. Quick drying. 

Vitrail Transparent Colour - bottle

Deep blue, Brown, Crimson, Emerald, Yellow, Black, Orange, Turquiose, Chartreuse, Red Violet, White, Pink, Greengold, Lemon, Violet, Purple, Sand, Oild Pink, Salmon, Parma, Apple Green, Dark Green, Sky blue, Coblat blue, Gold, Pearl

Vitrail Cerne Relief Outliner - tube

For outlining the design to be painted. Colours: Black, Vermeil gold, Copper, Imitation lead, Gold, King gold, Silver20ml4.15

Vitrail Lightening Medium

Used to create lighter tones without reducing the quality or consistency of the colour45ml4.65

Vitrail Dilutant - Odourless Mineral Spirit

For diluting Vitrail Colours75ml4.05

Vitrail Mediums

Glitter Medium | Can be mixed with the colours to obtain bright and sparkling effects45ml4.65
Matt Medium | Mixed with the colours to obtain a matt finish, a frosted effect45ml4.65

Vitrail Set Discovery Collection

Contains: 6 assorted 20ml bottle: gold, crimson, lemon, orange, chatreuse, sky blue9.95

Products for Frosting Glass


Plasti-kote 'Glass Frosting

A spray to create the appearance of frosted glass. Ideal for use with stencils.
200ml spray can6.20

Fabric Painting

The paints and mediums listed are designed specifically for fabrics. Acrylics can also be used especially when used with a fabric medium. For list of Artists' acrylic colours please see Waterbased Paints section of the website. Applicraft supply a selection of paint and accessories which can be used on fabric because of the range these are listed separately. 

Deka Silk Fabric Paint

Fabric paint for white and light coloured fabrics. Colours are intermixable, non toxic, waterbased. Suitable for silk and cotton. 


pastel yellow, lemon, golden yellow, mandarin, orange, scarlet, magenta, claret, rosewood, salmon, flamingo, rose, pink, cyclamen, wine, lavender, amethyst, violet, aubergine, plum, sky blue, cornflower, azure, blue, smoke blue, ultramarine, petrol, turquoise, opal, mint, jade, light green, green, deep green, olive, leaf green, pistachio, sand, ochre, rust, chestnut, sienna, dark brown, silver grey, black
45ml bottle4.40

Outliner - bottle with nozzle

Universal outliner for silk paints. Outliners can be heatset. Coloured outliners are then washable and dry cleanable. Clear outliner can be washed out in warm water after setting. Colours: clear, gold, silver, copper.

Marabu-Textil Plus

Opaque fabric paint for dark fabrics. Wash-resistant up to 40 degrees. Water based. Particularly soft feel. Ideal for fabric painting and printing. Fixed by ironing or in the oven. 


Opaque fabric paint for dark fabrics. Wash-resistant up to 40 degrees. Water based. Particularly soft feel. Ideal for fabric painting and printing. Fixed by ironing or in the oven.

Colour range: 020 lemon, 021 medium yellow, 023 orange red, 030 light vermillion, 032 carmine red, 051 dark violet, 090 light blue, 055 dark ultramarine, 015 french green, 046 medium brown, 070 white, 073 black
50ml jar5.50

Textile Markers


Kuretake Zig Textile Marker

Double ended - brush and 2.0mm tip. 24 colours available

Fabric Painting Mediums and Ancillaries


Aquarella - Eliza Turks Florentine Medium

Medium adapted to facilitate painting in watercolour on fabric without sizing (Also can be used on unsized paper, ivory, terracotta and wood). Prevents running of colours on even the most loosely woven fabric.

Ormaline Fabric Medium

Medium for mixing with bronze powders when used on fabric - Please see the Gilding section of our website for list of bronze powders.
Small bottle 60ml6.50
Large bottle 250ml15.50

Liquitex Fabric Medium

To mix with acrylic paint when used for fabric painting.118ml5.70

Tjanting Needles - Batik Pens

Various sizes

Silk Pins

100 pins per box1 lb2.20

Empty Applicator Bottles

Variety in stock 

Craft Paints


Appli Glue

Permanent washable waterbased glue for foiling and decoration on card, glass, fabric, wood, leather and most surfaces. Comes in squeezy bottle so can be used directly for raise patterns etc.appliglue.jpg

Available in selection of colours and effects

At Green and Stone we stock a selection of the colours which are listed below. Colours not listed are available special order in packs of 3 bottles only. A shade card of the full range is available. pillar box red, clear, lavender(glitter), bronze(pearl), French navy(pearl), sweet green, Chelsea blue, night sky, silver fox(pearl), pretty pink(pearl), mink(pearl), bright gold(glitter), silver(glitter), iridescent(glitter), mustard(glitter), sea green(glitter), strawberry ice, crystal disco, crystal firefly.30ml3.00

Shade Card

Showing samples of 50 colours. Colours not listed above available special order in packs of 3 bottles only.1.00

Green and Stone Lustre Paint

This range of paints, made with mica, have a metallic sheen that catch the light giving a shimmering effect. Acrylic waterbased paint for walls, furniture, fabric and crafts.

link to colour chart


pearlescent, silver, gold, yellow, sunset red, crimson, ameythst, blue, sapphire, aqua, lime, bronze.50ml pot3.95

Green and Stone Fluorescent Paint

This range of waterbased paint has high visibility with a strong impact when used under ultraviolet light.

link to colour chart


blue, yellow, green, orange, pink50ml pot3.95

Glitter and Special Effect Paint


Loose Glitter


Green and Stone glitter

Very good quality glitter, suitable for mixing into mediums. Available in; Gold, Silver or Sparkle.
Plastic pot50ml7.95

Green and Stone Glitter Paint

Fine quality glitter mixed with an acrylic medium to create a glitter waterbased paint. Ideal for walls (ideal for stencilling), floors, fabrics.glitpaint.jpg

standard colours

ameythst, blue, gold, green, maroon, multi, red, silver50ml pot4.30

disco colours

disco blue, disco green, disco pink, disco yellow

link to colour chart
50ml pot4.30

iridescent colours

sparkle, multi sparkle, pink sparkle50ml pot4.30

Green and Stone Mica Flakes

Ground mica stone, can be mixed with acrylic mediums (see artists acrylic mediums in the waterbased paints and mediums section of the website) or used as a glitter. 


silver, black, gold
50ml pot4.45

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