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Easels-Display/Porte Cartons


Display easels


Floor standing display easels


Mahogany Lyre Easel

Elegant Lyre easel, with highly polished dark-wood finish and simple ratchet system to adjust picture height.

Now also available in Oak priced at £430.00
Height : 168cm510.00

Two Picture Display Easel

Available in either mahogany or oak. Easel has two platforms so two pictures can be displayed at the same time.
Height : 180cm, Weight : 9kg420.00

Table top display easels


Tripod Easel

Available in cherry wood or oak. Four sizes.

Please use prices as a guide only as they are subject to change

Height : 17.5cm24.75
Height : 30cm40.00
Height : 40cm64.00
Height : 56.5cm91.00

Multi Easel

Deck chair style. Available in cherry wood or oak. Three sizes

Please use these prices as a guide only as they are subject to change

Height : 10cm24.00
Height : 20cm32.50
Height : 30cm42.00

Straight Easel

Height : 15cm32.50
Height : 22cm47.50
Height : 30cm58.00
Inclinable 30cm57.50

Oak Inclinable Straight Easel

Shelf height adjustable
Height : 68cm, Maximum picture size : 51cm195.00

Large Oak Table Easel 028012

Solid, H-frame, inclinable easel Height: 92cm, Max picture size: 120cm, Weight: 7kg295.00

Oak Tripod

Solid oak. Incline variable. Available in two sizes
Height : 42cm44.00
Height : 64cm56.00

Oak Stand

Ideal for displaying heavier pictures.
Height : 16cm21.75
Height : 13cm30.60
Height : 17cm34.00
Height : 22cm40.30
Height : 27cm46.00
Height : 32cm55.00
Height : 50cm60.00

Oak Plate Stand

Height: 17.2cm37.10

Brent Table/Display Easel


Brass Easels

Decorative brass table top easels. Available in three sizes
Mini Height : 25cm20.00
Small Height : 33cm35.00
Medium Height : 40cm50.00



Porte cartons



Mabef Folding Print Rack

Oiled beech wood
Height : 84cm, Base : 56x35cm, Length folded : 93cm119.95

Folding Oak Porte Carton

Good quality, French made, solid oak folding print rack
Height : 75cm, Length : 61cm, Width (when open) : 45cm208.00

Straight Porte Carton 043012

Solid oak with castors, straight sides
Height : 82cm, Length : 70cm, Width : 34cm380.00

Porte Carton 040012

Solid oak, with castors. Angled sides
Height : 82cm, Length : 70cm, Width : 34cm340.00

Economy Print Storage Rack

Not Pictured55.00

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