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Watercolour Paint/Mediums


Watercolour Paints


Daniel Smith Watercolours

For over 30 years, DANIEL SMITH paints have been formulated, produced and packaged in Seattle. When you use a DANIEL SMITH product, you support a community whose passion for colour and quality has fueled some of the most inventive developments in the art materials industry.

link to colour chart pdf

Series 1

15ml tube13.00

Series 2

15ml tube15.00

Series 3

15ml tube17.50

Series 4

15ml tube20.50

Series 5

15ml tube25.75

Series 6

15ml tube29.35

Series 7

15ml tube37.65

12 Half Pan Set of Daniel Smith Watercolours

Green & Stone hard enamelled tin with 12 half filled with Daniel Smith watercolours - includes palette plus built in water bottle and dipper.
Hand-painted colour chart also provided.

Daniel Smith Pocket Watercolour Set

Includes - 12 hand-poured quarter pans filled with Daniel Smith watercolours, with travel watercolour brush, pencil, eraser & sharpener.
Hand-painted colour chart also provided.

Schmincke Artist's Watercolour

Made in Germany, Schmincke Horadam Watercolours were established in 1881. Updated the range still maintains the highest quality, with intense colour & highest possible pigment concentration. Available in 110 colours. Printed colour chart on request.

link to colour chart

Series 1

Tubes 5ml4.90
Half pans4.70

Series 2

Tubes 5ml5.70
Half pans5.50

Series 3

Tubes 5ml7.15
Half pans6.55

Series 4

Tubes 5ml8.90
Half pans7.55

Schmincke Watercolour 24 5ml tube Wooden Box Set

Artists quality wooden box set
containing 24 x 5ml tubes of watercolours & china palette.
Height: 4.3cm
Width: 20.7cm
Depth 11.6cm

Schmincke Watercolour 48 half pan Wooden Box Set

Artists quality wooden box set
containing 48 x half pans of watercolours & china palette.

Schmincke 12 Half Pan Artists Watercolour Tin

Metal set68.35

Schmincke 8 Half Pan Metal Set with Waterbottle

Contains 8 half pan finest artists'watercolours. with integral waterbottle.
8 half pans81.50

Schmincke 12 Half Pan Artists Watercolour Tin Plus

With extra space63.65

Schmincke 24 Half Pan Artists Watercolour Tin


Schmincke 12 5ml Tube Artists Watercolour Tin


Daler Rowney Artist's Watercolour Set


Miniature Pocket Box

Miniature watercolour box. This version contains 18 quarter pans of artists

St Petersberg "White Nights"


Artist's Watercolour Set

These Russian watercolours have been manufactured since 1900. Only the finest raw materials & pigments are used to produce these exceptionally good value paints.  
whitenights.jpg24 Whole Pan Set | White plastic box 50.00
DISCONTINUED - Cardboard box

Winsor & Newton Artist's Water Colours

Since the 1830wnwc.jpg

Series 1

Half Pan5.00
Whole Pan6.00

Series 2

Half Pan5.40
Whole Pan6.80

Series 3

Half Pan5.60
Whole Pan7.00

Series 4

Half Pan7.40
Whole Pan10.20

Winsor & Newton Artists Water Colour Shade Card

Hand made shade card showing actual samples of Artists watercolour paint.5.00

Winsor & Newton Artist's Water Colour Sets

Winsor & Newton have a large selection of different boxes and tins containing Artist's quality Water Colour paint 

Field Box - Plastic

Lightweight, compact box contains everything required for outdoor painting. Durable plastic box contains 12 Artist

Special Offer Price £55.00 while stocks last

Lightweight Metal Artists' Sketchers Boxes

wn12tube.jpg12 x 5ml Tube Box |

Special Offer Price £65.00 while stocks last

wn24hplwtin.jpg24 Half Pan Box 97.50

Artist's Wooden Boxes

wnhpbambox.jpgHalf Pan Bamboo Box |

Special Offer Price £80.00 while stocks last

wntubambox.jpgTube Bamboo Box 90.00

Winsor & Newton Empty Water Colour boxes

Winsor & Newton no longer supply empty metal tins for their water colours. However we stock a selection of empty lightweight and heavvyweight metal boxes and wooden boxes from other suppliers. For details please see Boxes, Tins, Storage section of our website 

Van Gogh Watercolour Sets


Van Gogh Watercolours Pocket Box

ON OFFER £12.95
12 half pans19.95

Van Gogh Watercolours Metal Tin

ON OFFER £38.95
12 half pans49.95

Van Gogh Watercolours 24 Metal Tin Set

ON OFFER £54.55
24 half pans69.95

Van Gogh Watercolour Wooden Box Set

24 Half Pans
ON OFFER £66.30

Gansai Tambi

Japanese traditional solid water colours.
For professional artists and crafters - ideal for sketch, illustration, Sumle and more.

Gansai Tambi

12 colour set 19.10
24 colour set 28.70

Watercolour Mediums and Varnishes


Daniel Smith Watercolours




Winsor & Newton Aquapasto

A transparent gel medium for reducing flow and giving an impasto effect to watercolour and gouache.
60ml tube9.25

Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic

A pale coloured solution that increases the gloss and transparency of watercolours. Thins with water.

Winsor & Newton Ox Gall Liquid

Wetting agent used to improve the acceptance of watercolours on paper.

Winsor & Newton Granulation Medium

Gives a mottled or granular appearance to colours which usually give a smooth wash.

Winsor & Newton Lifting Preparation

Allows dry washes to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet brush or sponge.

Winsor & Newton Blending Medium

Used to slow the drying rate of watercolours allowing more time for blending.

Winsor & Newton Texture Medium

Contains fine particles and can be used to give the impression of depth and structure to watercolour paintings.

Winsor & Newton Iridescent Medium

Gives pearlescent effects to your watercolours.

Robersons Gum Arabic

Special order250ml10.60
Special order500ml17.80

Masking Fluid


Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid

A rubber liquid with added pigmentation for masking areas of work

Winsor & Newton Colourless Art Masking Fluid

A colourless liquid for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes. Specifically designed for soft sized papers to avoid staining. For best results remove as soon as possible after application.75ml7.00

Winsor & Newton Permanent Masking Medium

A non-removable transparent liquid mask. Excellent for detail. Can be applied directly onto the paper or mixed with watercolour first

Pebeo Drawing Gum

Peelable rubber solution used to keep areas colour free when using ink, watercolour or gouache. Rubbed off when the colour is dry to reveal plain paper beneath.45ml4.35

Masquepen Art Masking Fluid with Applicator

Designed to make the application of masking fluid easier and more accurate, the masquepen is a pot with a built in fine point nib applicator. It can be used accurately and saves ruining brushes. Contains quality blue masking fluid.30ml9.75

Masquepen Art Masking Fluid Refill




Daler Rowney Poster and Watercolour Varnish

Apply one coat for a gloss surface on water colours, poster or gouache paintings and designs

Daler Rowney Paper Varnish

For varnishing works on paper

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