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Gouache/Tempera/Graphic Paints


Gouache Colours


Schmincke Horadam Gouache

Horadam gouache offers excellent flow properties. The range consists of 48 colours. After drying Horadam Gouache can be wetted and reworked on all types of absorbent and non-absorbent paper, card and canvas. Due to the extra-fine pigment grain sizes these finest artists colours can also be applied using a fine 0.15mm airbrush.
The natural covering properties of Horadam Gouache have deliberately been retained, so as to preserve the purity of the artists pigments and attendant brilliance.
Semi-transparent colours are rare in the series, but when they occur it is left to the painter to make colours more opaque by adding small quantities of white.

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Series 0


Series 1


Series 2


Series 3


Series 4


Titanium White

60ml Tube15.70

Schmincke Set of Gouache Paint in Light Wooden Box

8 x 15ml tubes
Height: 3.5cm
Width: 8.5cm
Depth: 10.6cm

Schmincke HKS Designers Goache

Available in Mixing White, Opaque White & Ivory Black120ml Tubes22.35

Schmincke Aqua-Bronze Dry Gouache

Aqua-Bronze bronze-powder with dry dextrine glue-binder. Combined with water you obtain highly brilliant bronze colours. Mixable with all kinds of gouache (poster tempera) and watercolours. To maintain gloss and luminosity of the bronzes mix right before painting.
Available in 6 colours, Silver, Copper, Pale Gold, Rich Pale Gold & Rich Gold.
20ml Pots9.60

Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache colours


Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache sets

primgou.jpgPrimary colours set |

Special Offer Price £27.00 while stocks last

introgou.jpgIntroductory set |

Special Offer Price £45.00 while stocks last


Egg Tempera Paints


Sennelier Egg Tempera

Sennelier Egg Tempera is an authentic formulation of classic egg tempera as used by artists since the Renaissance. In fact, before the rise of oil painting, egg tempera was the predominant painting medium of the 16th Century. Egg tempera is a semi opaque water soluble and permanent painting medium wonderful for fine art painting, restoration and icon painting. Its archival characteristics are excellent as it does not age or yellow like oil paints. Pigments are bound with a centuries old egg emulsion recipe, giving a satin-matt finish that is water resistant when dry. It is not recommended to use egg tempera in thick applications.

link to colour chart

Series 1

Tubes 21ml8.50

Series 2

Tubes 21ml9.25

Series 3

Tubes 21ml10.25

Series 4

Tubes 21ml11.50

Series 5

Tubes 21ml13.95

Egg Medium

This medium increases the buttery consistency of the paint and quickens the drying process. It should be thinned with water only. The resulting solution is then mixed with colours.Tubes 21ml8.50

Sennelier Egg Tempera Starter Set

5 x 21ml Tubes in a cardboard box45.95

Sennelier Egg Tempera Wooden Box Set

12 x 21ml Tubes, 2 x Brushes, 1 x Medium, 1 x 34ml Titanium White, Acrylic Palette

Graphic Paints


Dr Ph Martins


Dr Ph Martins Bleed proof White

30ml pot10.50

Dr Ph Martins Radiant Concentrated Watercolour

Concentrated dye based inks used by designers, illustrators and artists since 1934.
Formulated to achieve the greatest possible brilliance but possesses poor lightfastness.
Available in 56 colours.
link to colour chart
15ml bottle6.50

Ecoline Liquid Water Colour

Ready to use liquid water colour for diverse creative applications both at home and at school. Available in 46 brilliant transparent colours and 2 opaque colours (white and gold). Good adhesion to water colour and drawing paper and board. To retain colours the drawings should be kept in a drawing portfolio. .

link to colour chart

Marabu - Buntlac spray colour

The satin-matt graphic spray with superb coverage & very good application for a fast even colouring. For decoration, graphics, promotion & design purposes. The satin-matt finish is touch dry within about 10 minutes. Adheres to bound, cardboard, plastic, wood, polystyrene, glass, stone, metal, pottery, wickerwork & many other dry natural materialsbunt.jpg

Black & White

400ml can11.00

Metallic colours

Gold, Red Gold & Silver400ml can15.00

Marabu Do-it Colour Spray

Marabu-Do-It dries quickly and is wipe-proof & weatherproof when well adhered. The colourspray provides good opacity, good light fastness and very good application. This satin matt is suitable for spraying many materials eg: wood, plasic, polystyrene, glass, stone,metal, pottery ...

link to colour chart
150ml can8.50

Pelican Plaka Paint

A tough casein based water-soluble paint for arts and crafts, painting, hobby, model work and interior design. It dries with a velvety matt sheen, is notable for its great covering power and dense colour concentration, even in dilution. All shades have good lightfastness. Plaka becomes quickly smudge proof on drying and waterproof in 24 hours. It can be buffed when dry to a burnished finish.

link to colour chart

Standard Colours

50ml pots4.00

Bronze Colours

50ml pots5.95

Plaka Varnish

Available in silky matt or clear/gloss.50ml Pots4.50

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