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Soft Pastels



Range of 378 shades.

Unison colour are made by a small company in Northumberland.
The business began in the 1980's when artist John Hersey found that mass produced pastels simply did not offer the qualities he was looking for and decided to make his own.
The pastels still retain the handmade qualities of the originals & are hand rolled rather than extruded. The meticulous recipes for each shade are based on pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths.

click for colour chart
Standard Colours - see colour chart 3.12
Premium Colours - see colour chart 3.60

UNISON COLOUR Soft Pastel Sets

Starter 18 | Set of 18 standard colours51.60
Landscape 18 | Set of 18 Landscape colours51.60
Starter 36 | Set of 36 Standard colours103.20
Landscape 36 | Set of 36 Landscape colours103.20
Starter 72 206.40

Faber-Castell Polychromos Artist's Pastels

POLYCHROMOS I Available whilst stocks last
Set of 12 | Supplied in a cardboard box.28.25
Set of 24 | Supplied in a cardboard box.44.75
polychro36.jpgSet of 36 | Supplied in a cardboard box.63.25
60 Pastel Set | Supplied in a tin box.99.95

Van Gogh Oil Pastels


Conte Carres

The Cont� � Paris Colour carr� crayons give accurate and energetic strokes when the edges of the sticks are used, and artists can produce flat areas by using the flat of the crayon to create the values.
12cont.jpgConte Carres 12 Assorted Set |
OFFER price 9.99
Conte Carres 12 Portrait Set |
OFFER price 10.50
Conte Carres 12 Landscape Set |
OFFER price 10.50
24cont.jpgConte Carres 24 Assorted Set |
OFFER price 19.60
Conte Carres 48 Assorted Set 54.75

SENNELIER Soft Pastels

A combination of finest quality non-toxic pigments & natural binders to produce lightfast, velvety pastels. Range of 552 standard colours plus 25 iridescent & metallic shades. 44 colours available in giant size. Most sets are standard stick selections with each pastel paper wrapped. Half stick sets have no wrapping & are all assorted selections (half sticks are not available individually). Printed Colour Chart on Request
Standard | Individual pastelsSingle3.10
Iridescent | Individual pastelsSingle3.10
Metallic | Individual pastelsSingle2.75
Giant | Individual pastels - approximate equivalent of 12 regular pastels. Black or White onlySingle18.95
12 Assorted | Standard stick setSet32.95
24 Assorted | Standard Stick setSet62.95
24 Landscape | Standard Stick SetSet62.95
48 Landscape | Standard stick setSet124.95
48 Portrait | Standard stick setSet124.95
20 Half sticks | AssortedSet31.50
40 Half sticks | AssortedSet52.95
80 Half sticks | AssortedSet99.95
36 Assorted Wooden Box | Standard stick collection. Foam lined box99.95
50 Assorted Wooden Box | Classic selection. Traditional Sennelier wooden box179.95
100 Landscape Wooden Box | 100 Pastel selection of landscape colours334.95
100 Portrait Wooden Box | 100 Pastel selection of portrait colours334.95
175 Assorted | The Traditional selection, wooden box set of 175 assorted pastels. larger sets are available special order. 695.00

Inscribe Pastel Sets

Good value soft pastels. Available in either half or full size sticks.
Half Size Set of 24 | Assorted colours6.99
Half Size Set of 32 | Assorted colours7.99
Half Size Set of 48 | Assorted colours11.50
Half Size Set of 64 | Assorted colours13.50
Full Size Set of 12 | Assorted colours6.99
Full Size Set of 24 | Assorted colours11.50
Full Size Set of 48 | Assorted colours21.50

Swan Stabilo Carb Othello Coloured Pastel Pencil

Artist quality, watersolouble Pastel pencil. This product is listed in the 'Pencil' section of our website with other 'Coloured Pencils'

Oil Pastels


Sennelier Oil Pastels

Made from the finest pigments & natural waxes to create beautifully soft & creamy oil pastels. All are acid free & the majority are lightfast. Range of 120 colours in Standard size stick. Including; iridescent, metallic & fluorescent colours. 104 in NEW Large size & one transparent blending pastel. Black or White only in Giant size.
Standard Single2.10
Standard Iridescent Single2.10
Standard Metallic Single2.10
Standard Fluorescent Single2.10
Large Single8.50
Giant (Black or White only) | Each one is the approximate equivalent of 15 standard pastels.Single13.95
6 Assorted Standard Pastels | Cardboard box with foam liningSet of 610.95
12 Assorted Standard Pastels | Cardboard box with foam liningSet of 1221.95
12 Iridescent Standard Pastels | Cardboard box with foam liningSet of 1221.95
24 Assorted Standard Pastels | Cardboard box with foam liningSet of 2439.95
48 Assorted Standard Pastels | Cardboard box with foam liningSet of 4884.95
36 Standard Stick Selection Wooden Box Set of 3684.95
50 Assorted Standard Pastels | Wooden box with foam liningSet of 50124.95
120 Assorted Standard Pastels | Wooden box with foam liningSet of 120259.95
36 Assorted Large Stick Selection | Wooden box with foam liningSet of 36334.95

Van Gogh Oil Pastels

Sold only in sets. 
Van Gogh Oil Pastel Set Set of 6049.95
Van Gogh Starter Set Set of 2424.95
Van Gogh Basic Set Set of 127.30

Other Pastel/Crayons


CARAN D´ACHE Neocolour II Aquarelle

Water soluble artists painting crayons. Exceptional covering properties, colourfast. Shades mixable for infinite variety and usable on any material. SOLD ONLY IN SETS. 
Tin of 10 Set17.00
Tin of 15 Set26.00
Tin of 30 Set53.00
Tin of 40 Set79.00
Tin of 84 Set180.00

LYRA Wax Giants

Black or White onlySingle1.15
set | Assorted colours in a cardboard box.6 crayons6.80

OCALDO Sketching Sticks

Square section sketching sticks Sold in Boxes of 12. Available in 4 selections.
Black 2.60
White 2.60
Graduated Greys 3.00
Landscape Selection 3.00

Pastel Primers


Schmincke Primer for Pastels

For maximum adhesion
A lightfast, very absorbent primer for various fat-free materials like wood, metal, canvas & paper.

Golden Pastel Ground

Pastel ground is an acrylic preparation for pastels on canvas and other supports. It creates a toothy surface similar to papers used with pastel and chalk.
Can be mixed with acrylic colours.



Winsor & Newton Pastel Fixative

A water white solution which protects pictures and dries to a low sheen. Fixes pastel, crayon or charcoal drawings. 
150ml aerosol7.50
400ml aerosol14.00

Daler Rowney Perfix Fixative

A colourless fixative for pastels, crayon or charcoal drawings 
150ml aerosol7.25
400ml aerosol13.75

Daler Rowney Fixative Diffuser

For use with bottled fixative

Sennelier Latour Soft Pastel Fixative

A clear resin & alcohol based fixative. Creates a totally clear matt film. Formulated for soft pastel. Available in pump action spray & aerosol.400ml can14.50
400ml aerosol12.95

Sennelier Delacroix Fixative

A clear resin & alcohol based fixative. Creates a totally clear matt film. Formulated for pencil & chalk drawings.400ml aerosol14.50

Sennelier d'Artigny Oil Pastel Fixative

A clear vinyl resin & alcohol based fixative. Creates a totally clear silk film. Pump action spray.400ml aerosol14.50



Pump Action

All-Natural, Odour free. Original Milk Casein formula.360ml18.95

Empty Pastel Boxes


Sennelier Empty Wooden Pastel Boxes

For soft or oil pastels. Foam lining with slots for either 50 or 100 pastels.

Also available in larger sizes; For either 175, 250 or 525 pastels. These larger sizes are special order only.
For 50 Pastels42.95
For 100 pastels59.95

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