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Graphic /Technical


Drawing Boards


Blundell Harling Trueline/Sherborne

A combination of the trueline unit and Sherborne backstand. The Trueline is a board and cross wire parallel motion system incorporating a simple cam brake to both ends of the graduated straightedge. The straightedge is undercut to provide inking edges. The ball-bearing pulleys are protected by moulding corner blocks. The straightedge can be tilted or raised for flexible use. The Sherborne stand is of steel construction and designed for use with A1 and A2 boards with four angle
Available in two sizes 

Faber Castell TK drawing Boards

Portable, lightweight drawing boards without stands. Can be used in conjunction with table easel eg. Daler Rowney Lincoln Table Easel (Please click on Easel section of the website) to provide an incline. Board has double guide grooves for smooth operation of the parallel ruler. The paper clamp bar grips one or more sheets firmly and is easy to release. The parallel ruler can be operated one-handed at any position and is ideal for left handed people. 

TK System A4 Drawing Board


TK System A3 Drawing Board


TK System Plus A3 Drawing Board

with Drafting Head with 1mm overlay grid and sliding magnetic scales.

Drawing Board Ancillaries


Drawing Board Clips

Marksman spring steel drawing board clips0.55

Dusting Brush

For drawing board

Anodized Aluminium Tee Square

Metal parallel bladed tee squares, suitable for either left or right handed use.



Transparent Rules


Acrylic Rules with Grid Lines

A range of good quality double sided bevelled acrylic rules, divided as follows: Divided in to 16ths, 32nds, 10ths, 20ths, 50ths, x mm, 1/2mm. With lined centre grid.

Chartmate Rules

Perspex rule with stainless steel cutting edges. Graduated mm's and cm's with graph for lining up artwork.
100cm (with handle)49.40

Metal Rules


Tech Sales Stainless Steel Rules

Double sided 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths, 16ths, mm and 1/2mm6 inches2.78
Double Sided | 1/2mm, 1mm 1 edge, 32nds, 64ths, 16ths other edge12 inches4.35
1/2mm, 1mm 1 edge, 32nds, 64ths, 16ths other edge24 inches8.20
Single Sided | 1/2mm, mm one edge.1000mm17.50

Steady Safety Rule

Gives full protection to the fingers when used with a knife. Can be used with both ink and pencil. Clearly marked in both mm and inches. Bright anti-rust finish.

Tech Style Anodyzed Aluminium Straightedge

Graduated in mm with stainless steel cutting edge and rubber back 

Wooden Rules


Fisco Wooden Metre Rule

Graduated in inches and 1/8" on one side, cm and mm on the reverse

Lyra Mini Wooden Rule

graduated with cm and mm17cm0.70

Scale Rules


Verulam Oval Section Scale Rules

Fully divided 300mm (also available 150mm-special order)
H.1V/300 | 1:1 x 1:2 x 1:5 x 1:1020.10
H.2V/300 | 1:5 x 1:50 x 1:10 x 1:100 x 1:20 x 1:200 x 1:500 x 1:100020.10
H.3V/300 | 1:1 x 1:50 x 1:20 x 1:200 x 1:5 x 1:50 x 1:1250 x 1:250020.10
H.4V/300 | (6in = 1 mile) 1:1250 x 1:2500 x 1:10000 x 1:10560 15.95
H.43V/300 | (5in x 1 mile) 1:500 x 1:1250 x 1:2500 X 1:1056015.95
H.46V/300 | 1:2.5 x 1:25 x 1:33.33 x 1:125 x 1:250 x 1:75 x 1:15015.95

Verulam R.I.B.A Conversion Scales 'A' and 'B'

H.44V/300 | 1:12 x 1:24 x 1:48 x 1:96 open divided mm full size x inch full size 1/24th fully divided18.75
H.45V/300 | 1:5ft x 1:20ft - 1:50ft x 1:100ft open divided18.75

Verulam Imperial Range

H.V203/12 | (6in = 1 mile) 1:500ft x 1:2500ft x 1:1250ft - 1:10560ft18.75
H.V204/12 | 1:500ft x 1:2500ft - 1/8in x 1/4in x 1/2in x 1in =1ft18.75

Rumold Plastic Triangular Scale Rule 12"

AN.150-1/30 | 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:1258.30
AN.150-2/30 | 1:20, 1:25, 1:33-1/3, 1:50, 1:75, 1:1008.30
AN.150-31/30 (Imperial) | 3/32, 3/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 11/2, 3" to ft, 1/16"8.30
AN.150-4/30 | 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:400.1:5008.30
AN.150-6/30 | 1:500, 1:1000, 1:1250, 1:1500, 1:2000, 1:25008.30
AN.150-9/30 | 1:15, 1:20, 1:25, 1:33-1/3, 1:50, 1:1008.30
AN.150-DIN/30 | 1:2.5, 1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:1008.30

Linex Fan Scale

5 Fans giving 22 grads15cm13.60

Tape Measures


Fisco Tape

Powerlock tape.3m/10 feet9.35

Fisco Tape

Powerlock tape.5m/16 feet16.40

Rolling Rules


Linex Rolling Rule

For drawing horizontal & vertical parallel lines. Circle, arcs angles & quadrants

Set Squares




Chartmate Set Squares

Graduated acrylic set squares with stainless steel edges. Chartmate set squares are graduated in cm and mm, have a 5cm grid for lining up your artwork and doublesided \'finger lifts\'. They have stainless steel cutting edge.
231MT-32A | 30 - 60 degreeslong edge 30cm 12.00
231MT-32B | 45 - 45 degreeslong edge 32cm12.00
231MT-35A | 30 - 60 degreelong edge 35cm15.00
231MT-42B | 45 - 45 degreeslong edge 42cm15.00

Chartmate Adjustable Set Squares

Are made from clear 3mm perspex with bevelled or square edges. 
6"/15cm 6.5"/17cm Arm Length16.80
8"/20cm 9"/23cm Arm Length19.55
10"/25cm 12"/30cm Arm Length22.05
12"/30cm 15"/37cm Arm length27.65

Templates/Drawing Aids




Unique Flexicurves

Designed to produce regular or irregular curves. Made of a PVC outer casing, with a core of lead, with regulating strips of steel, bevelled edges for pencil work. Forms curves as small as 25mm. Blue and white 
Various lenghths30cm/126.00

French Curves


Tech Sales DIGI Set French Curves

Three curves 13cm, 16cm, 31cm with bevelled edges6.15

Faber Castell French Curves

Set of three for drawing irregular curves, double ink bevels. Transparent, green tinted plastic.17.50

Circle & Ellipse Templates


Tech Sales Circle Templates

Economy templates, tinted yellow plastic material 

Linex Templates

Linex produce an an extensive range of professional templates. The templates listed are from our stock at Green and Stone (subject to change). However all Linex templates are available to order through us. Please contact us if you require further information. Tel: 0044 (0)20 7352 0837 or 

Linex 1263S Furniture Template

Contains symbols for furniture and groups of furniture for the areas livingroom, diningroom, bedroom/childrens room, kitchen and bathroom as well as electrical symbols.

Linex 1259S Universal Architect Template

With ink bosses. For pen 0.35mm and pencil 0.5mm. Scale 1:50

Contains symbols for furniture and groups of furniture for the areas living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom as well as electrical symbols for common use. 1mm green transparent SBS
235 x 160mm7.50

Lettering Stencils

Listed below are lettering stencils made from plastic material particularly suited to graphic projects. We also have some larger lettering stencils, made from mylar and manilla card, which are designed with craft projects in mind. These are subject to availabilty so please contact us to check stock. 

Linex Italic Lettering Stencil (8820)

Green plastic material with ink risers. Letter height 20mm. Upper and lower case.2.55

Jakar Lettering Stencils

A pack of four alpha-numeric different colour stencils, shatterproof plastic, 5, 10, 20 and 30mm in size.2.20

Figure Templates


Jakar Human Figure

Metric Template. Ideal for use in Architectural and Interior design layouts. Each template has four different figures in four different scales; 1:75, 1:100, 1:125, 1:25, 1:20. Available in Male or Female. 0.4445mm pencil allowance on all openings. Overall template size: 212mm x 148mm. 
malet.jpgMale 4645 9.85
femmt.jpgFemale 4648 9.85



Ecobra Master Bow Compasses

Ecobra Instruments have been manufactured in Nuremburg West Germany for many decades and are firmly established world wide as the finest and largest range of precision drawing instruments available today.

The Master Bow features an unbreakable hoop spring and a centre screw spindle with and stops; free from play

Master-Bow Pencil (3741)

Has two knee joints, spigot diameter is 4mm, length 162mm.Centre wheel for fine adjustment. Working range 250mm

Master-Bow Pencil with Lengthening Bar (3728)

Has two knee joints, spigot diameter is 4mm, length 162mm. Working range 500mm

Universal Master Bow (60500)

Has an adaptor that will hold markers, technical pens and a swann-morton No. 3 handle to cut circles. Working range 210mm

Ecobra Duo-Tec Giant Bows

Well constructed giant bow with a long life at a very reasonable price. 

Duo Tec Quick Release (421500)

With knee joints

Duo Tec Quick Release with Lengthening Bar (421510

As above with extension bar

Ecobra 'K' Series

The 'College' series, these instruments are of modern design and sound construction at economical prices. The large compasses each incorporate two asymmetrical knee joints and precision geared self centering legs. The spigot diameters are 3.5mm (All compasses come as a pencil compass with pen adaptor 3566 available to buy - Please see Compass Adaptors) 

Pencil Compass (5130)

Length 140mm with knee joint. Working range 400mm

Springbow Pencil (5148)

Small Pencil Compass

Plain Divider (5156)

For measuring etc. Length 152mm. Opening range 230mm15.40

Ecobra Compass Adaptors

To attach to Ecobra compasses (especially pencil compasses) to allow them to take technical pens etc.adaptors.jpg

3.5mm Technical Pen Adaptor (3566)

For use with 'K' series compass 51305.20

4.0mm Technical Pen Adaptor (6466)

For use with Master Bow compass 3741 and 37285.70

Universal Compass Adaptor (3723)


Beam Compasses


Ecobra Beam Compass (3836-0)

Beam 50cm. working range 980mm. complete with pencil, pen and needle. Holding section. Beams are now graduated in cm and inches.

Economy Compasses


Jakar Drawing Set (1048)

Self centering geared head compass with knee joint, swivel shoulder needle unit and pencil attachment. Lengthening bar 92mm long, sidescrew pencil spring bow. Pen adaptor. Lead container with two leads

Jakar Safety Compass

Basic die cast compass with plastic pencil grip. Supplied with half length black lead pencil2.50

Proportional Dividers


Ecobra Proportional Dividers (3891)

Length 170mm. Light alloy metal with steel tips. Scales: Lines, circles and golden rule190.00

Ruling Pens




Ruling Pen - Tool Steel (A.3457)

Length 125mm. Width of lines 0.25/0.8mm



Artograph Lightpads

A super-bright, cool and evenly illuminated surface gives you the perfect platform to get your ideas off the ground. The new LightPadlightpad.jpg

Lightpad A930

9″ x 12″ / 229mm x 305mm175.00

Lightpad A940

12″ x 17″ / 305 mm x 432mm260.00

Knives & Cutters


Swann Morton Scalpel Blades & Handles


Swann Morton Handles

Available in long or short. Please see blade list to see which handle is compatible with which blade. 
Short Handles | No. 3, 4single5.25
Short Handles | No. 7, single10.75
Short Handles | No. 9 Single7.50
Long Handles | No. 3L, 4Lsingle12.40

Swann Morton Blades

Made from high quality Sheffield carbon steel, these surgical blades are recommended for graphics and craft uses. 
Small Blades | No. 10, 10a, 11, 12, 15 (for use with handles No. 3, 3L, 7)Pack of 51.00
Large Blades | No. 21, 22, 22a, 23, 25, 26, 27 (for use with Handles No. 4, 4L)Pack of 51.00

Swann Morton Graphic Art Kit

Consisting of No.3 handle with 5 x 10a blades.7.85

Swann Morton Retractaway

Retractable handle with 2 x 10a blades.12.85

Swann Morton Trimaway Knife

Disposable knife with red plastic handle and a 25a blade.0.90

Stanley Trimming Knives

Die-cast handle. Supplied with four heavy duty blades and one hooked blade. 

Standard Trimming Knife with Fixed Blade


Retractable Trimming Knife


Replacement Blades

Pack of 53.15

Utility Knives


Ecobra Utility Knife

Retractable knives with snap off blades. Available in two sizes. 
Small Knife 1.15
Small Replacement Blades pack of 123.90
Large Knife 2.30
Large Replacement Blades pack of 103.50

Jakar Cutting Set

Consisting of small retractable cutting knife with snap off blades, 20cm stainless steel cutting edge acrylic rule and 80 x 225mm cutting mat.5.50

Knives for Curved Lines


Olfa Rotary Cutter RT 1/G 28

For cutting straight lines and freehand curves. Replacement blades available. 
Cutter 15.35

Olfa Circle Cutter CMP-1

Cuts precise circles from 1cm to 15cm (0.4" to 5.9") diameter.
Special rubber pad for preventing a pin hole.

Green Cutting Mats

Double sided with grid on one side for lining up artwork. The cutting mat has a semi-hard rubber like surface which allows the cutter to bite into it, yet the cut will heal. Therefore the blade cannot be deflected in the direction of the previous cut. 
A4 320 x 220 x 3mm5.75
A3 450 x 300 x 3mm10.50
A2 620 x 450 x 3mm20.00
A1 900 x 620 x 3mm38.00

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